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About – Face of Girlpreneur Pageant Nigeria


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FACE OF GIRLPRENEUR NIGERIA is an annual Beauty Pageant which seeks to Leverage on the successes of such World Renown Business Platforms as Longrich Bioscience Limited to encourage Young Ladies in Nigeria to utilize their God-given Beauty, Brains, and Talents, as well as their natural and acquired Industriousness, to create Transgenerational Wealth for themselves, their families, their friends and others around them; and by so doing, create for themselves, a BETTER LIFE and a BETTER FUTURE.

Participants go away thoroughly equipped to embark on an Entrepreneurial Journey that should lead them to Successful and Fulfilling Lives.
A number of them will also become Role Models, Mentors and Life Coaches, to other Young Ladies coming behind.

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With a firm belief that there’s WEALTH IN BEAUTY, we have a vision of an attractive, decent, rewarding, educating and fulfilling experience, to be had by Nigerian Girls who have been blessed with Beauty, Brains and Grit, participating in a Brand New Beauty Pageant that advocates that Natural Endowments of Beauty, Brains and Industriousness which Mother Nature has so bountifully bestowed on many of our Young Girls in Nigeria today, are properly harnessed and developed into Springboards for Wealth Creation.

Successful Applicants will be introduced into Entrepreneurship, using as a Vehicle, such Trail-blazing International Brands as Longrich Bioscience Limited.

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Wealth in Beauty: To combine the Natural Endowments of Beauty, Brains and Grit in Young Nigerian Ladies, so as to develop them into Successful Entrepreneurially minded, Impactful, and Value laden Members of the Society, involved in the duplication of their kind, and advancement of causes that will positively impact on, and benefit the Society as a whole.

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